Clients Share Their Journeys

"Approximately two and a half years ago, I was afflicted with stenosis and sciatica and spent a long year walking around in the shape of a question mark. After seeing orthopedic surgeons, who wanted to inject me with steroids, and getting a ton of advice that proved useless, I decided to take a multi-stage approach to healing myself. One of those stages was resuming Pilates which I had been unable to do with the current instructor, who had left the discipline. Fortunately, I called Donna Longo, and we began a slow process of healing my back. Through Donna, I had been able to really appreciate the art and practice of Classical Pilates, to which I had not been previously exposed. After 6 months, with the addition of correct footwear, some chiropractic adjustments, and twice a week sessions with Donna, I was able to stand straight up and perform all of my daily tasks with minimal pain. At this point, a year and a half out from beginning Pilates with Donna, I have absolutely no pain or discomfort. I have gained new knowledge of how my body works and, with the strengthening of my core muscles, front and back, I know how to move myself to prevent any further recurrence of the injury to my spine. I have become faithful to my practice of Pilates and am grateful that I've gotten to know Donna Longo and the other women at Integrated Fitness. This has been one of the most important steps that I've taken in my life."

- Abby Frantz

"My daughter, Ali, is a 14 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She had done Pilates with Donna for about a year and I saw such a positive difference in her strength, body awareness and mental focus."

- Angel Fruscione, Mom

"Pilates is the pivotal element of my fitness program. It's enabled me to develop core strength and flexibility, improving my performance in any sport or fitness activity."

- Charlie Galbraith, Business Manager

After a lifetime of pursuing various exercise programs, I am more than delighted to have discovered the Pilates Method with Donna, an exceptional and knowledgeable instructor. After working with a customized program suited to my needs, I saw results in a short time and am accomplishing my goal of a stronger, healthier body while enjoying exercise I love.

- Maggie Hoffman, Retired Antiques Appraiser

We are 'mature' adults and have done Pilates with Donna for several years. Her workouts are both stimulating and relaxing and avoid the boring repetitions of other exercise programs. Donna's insights into how the body works, how to deal with normal aches and pains and the effects of aging are a constant source of inspiration."

- Carol Smith and John Konvalinka, University Professor and Retired Partner,
Accenture Ltd.

What differentiates Donna from others is that she is always present and tuned into my abilities and with a gentle encouraging word or touch, she is able to coach me to achieve, consistently, beyond my expectations."

– Lynn Davis