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Classical Pilates Training in a Healing Arts Center

We strive to offer the highest standards in training, equipment and customer service in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our specialty lies in personalized, one-on-one sessions designed to meet your individual needs and goals, as well as in maintaining small group classes in order to uphold the integrity of the Method as Joseph Pilates intended. We're here to help whether you're looking to improve your flexibility, build strength, improve your posture, ease back pain, enhance your sports performance or simply fill in the missing pieces of your current exercise routine.

Call 609.731.1050 for a FREE half-hour private session.

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Classical Pilates

Experience the power of Pilates in its original form, as it was created nearly 100 years ago. 

Thai Yoga & Meditation

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with the ancient healing art of Assisted Thai yoga or utilize this room for quiet meditation.

Health & Wellness

Relax in our zen meditation garden, enjoy the healing benefits of our Infrared Sauna, explore alternative health classes and celebrate foods from the earth.


Classically Trained & Certified Instructors

All of our wonderful instructors have had or are under-going a comprehensive certification program in pure Classical Pilates to ensure your safety and maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates' work.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower you to reach your optimal health,
by incorporating the teachings and philosophies of Joseph Pilates,
in order for you to embrace life with vitality and zest.